The Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers' Church is an indigenous Pentecostal Church started by young university students 50 years back. The Church is the third biggest among the evangelical Churches in the country. It consists of more than two thousand two hundred and seventy seven (2277) local churches and more than seven thousand daughter churches /fellowships organized by thirty five regions. The members exceed 4.5 million. As a denomination the structure comprises of General assembly, council Executive Committee, Head Office (which led by the president and vice president), Regional assembly, Regional Executive committee , Local Church, and Fellowships. The president oversees the activities of the Head Office, regional and sub, regional offices and local churches. The local Churches, based on their geographical proximity, form sub regions and regions. Regions elect their regional Executive Committee and the committee members are members of the General Assembly. The General Assembly, made up of the national Executive Committee, regional Executive Committee, and representatives of regional youth and women ministries which is the highest authorized body, which oversees the overall activities of the church, formulates the constitution and bylaws and passes on decisions. The Executive Committee works on the implementations of the decisions made by the General Assembly and council. At national level the denomination has three main functional areas: 1 Head office which focuses on Evangelism and spiritual development, 2 Theological seminary which focuses on Biblical teachings and equipping church ministers as well as leaders, and 3. Development organization which deals with social work to address peoples physical, psychological economical needs.


Church Development Organization

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