Overview of EMWACDO

Faith Based Non-Governmental for Non-profit, Charity Organization whose operation was initiated in 1993, with the aim of serving the whole person, by addressing physical, social, economic and psychological needs to its target group and individuals in communities in an integrated and holistic manner. The development organization is officially registered under ministry of justice and Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission in April 2000, registered with FDRE Charities and Societies Agency in November 2009 as “Ethiopian Residents Charities and Societies”; EMWACDO’s License is renewed in December 2012.

EMWACDO is now operating in 12 different ketenas/regions out of 15 and as a direction it will continue to open branch offices in those regions.

The organization has a General Assembly, Governing board, Management and Projects. It has one main office and four branches at Central Ketena, North East Ketena, South East Ketena, and South West Ketena Levels. EMWACDO has been involved in multi-sectoral development throughout the nation with the implementation of 126 different development projects in eight regional states of the country with a total budget of 171, 309, 864 ETB on the FY 2014/15 showing a growth rate of 17 % than previous budget. Of which 135, 325, 194 ETB is a direct and 35, 984, 670 ETB is indirect cost. To accomplish its objectives, the organization has 520 employees in project, branch and head offices.

Church Development Organization

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